What Ozempic unlocked for the masses may mean

For the new classification of a diabeties drug as a weightloss drug, StatNEWS sent over a script, a voiceover recording and Crosswalk developed the visuals and animation. Stylistic consistency was maintained by using a previous collaboration video about ectopic pregnancies as reference.

There were many iconic moments in the animation layout for thumbnail development. Here are the options that were sent for a final choice from the producers.

The boards for this project were developed much further than usual. Already color is being considered at this phase. The board development led to final visuals that were very similar.

A part of the pre-production of this animation involved an entirely different style. Ultimately this was not picked for the final animation, but this was a very interesting style to explore. Likely the tightness of the visuals from boards to finished video was enhanced by developing the illustrations multiple times.

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