How Tutorbot learned to dance

Tutorbot, the host of MATHstream – an adaptive and video-based education tool developed by Carnegie Learning – introduces every new lesson by entering from off-screen and reading off the lesson title. In order to spice up the experience of starting a new video, Crosswalk was selected by Poley Creative to add a range of options for how Tutorbot enters the frame.

Tutorbot was modeled, shaded and rigged in the 3D program Blender. Though Tutorbot is 3D, great care was applied to make the lighting and shaders look 2D. Composited animations were added to an After Effects project with templated lesson titles, four background color options, and the scene was set up for an editor to make Tutorbot ‘speak’ the lesson title.

In addition to the dynamic math lesson robot host, we created the motion graphics to promote the interactive math streaming service in a trailer.

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