Queer Sex Ed titles

The opening title for this short series needed to denote the educational foundation, give a nod to the style of It Gets Better Project and look interesting to a young adult audience. Most of all, this title got to be playful with scribble writing, similar to a doodle on school notebook paper. The colorful background consisting of blurred shapes with random wiggles coded into their slow movement is meant to provide visual interest for the overlay text on screen. The background’s color and movement is referencing the continuous flux and change of what it is to be queer and what it is to learn and grow. Most of the titles in this series were turned into templates to pass onto the series editors.

Queer Sex Ed won a Webby award in 2023 for a video series in the category of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. This series was produced by a partnership of CowboyBearNinja and It Gets Better Project.

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